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I’m in .NET Magazine

For those of you who have been living under a rock, .net magazine is the biggest selling magazine of its kind in the world. So imagine my surprise to get the chance to be featured in the ‘website build off’ section in issue 223.

Website build off?

The website build off is a monthly article which gives 3 designers/developers the chance to submit their interpretation of a brief. The theme for my build off?…wedding sites. The brief didnt go into much more detail than that so I decided to create a fictitious site aimed at getting the bride and groom to the church on time, with all the details in place so they can relax and enjoy their big day.

Its a simple concept and an even simpler design but I think there is an idea there that has the potential to grow into something popular and profitable.

The website design includes all of the usual suspects such as social networking and submissions but also has a few cheeky extras thrown in. For the description and to see the other build offs (which are awesome by the way) you will have to buy the mag. Issue 223 is out now.
Website build off

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