The Ascent of Senior

Many years ago, whilst trying to communicate with his friend across a loud busy street, a man came up with an idea. Alex, as his friends knew him, realised that if you joined two empty cans of Whiskas with a piece of string you could talk to people in other countries as far and wide as France, Germany, Australia and Cleethorpes.

Fast forward to quite recently when a man known only as “Tim” was taking a bath. Somehow he was hit on the head by an apple which made him realise that this device could be used for so much more such as sharing amusing pet pictures and status updates to inform the world what is being consumed at mealtimes. And so it was, that afternoon he invented the “interweb”.

If Tim had never been hit on the head with that apple my life would be a lot different. I would probably be earning a living selling non-alcoholic shots in a Wild West themed rollerskating rink

While Alex’s invention has saved me countless hours of running up and down the street to pass messages of “lol” and “pmsl” on sticky note paper to friends and relatives, it was Tim’s stroke of genius that really changed my life. I am now lucky enough to call myself an “illustrator and designer”, which is much better than what some people call me.

I spend my days in Pembrokeshire by the sea, focusing on drawing pictures for websites, books and designing website at Obi Creative (Website designers Pembrokeshire). Occassionally I can be found talking about the web and design to people who are willing to listen. By night I fight crime with my underpants on the outside of my clothes*.

*not strictly true