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Where the graphic design thing all began…

Once upon time there lived a graphic designer. He worked day and night refining his graphic design skills until one day he came across a man selling some magic beans.

“Hello, young man” Said the man, who was not so young. “Would you like some magic beans?”

“Depends how much they are mate” said the young (and if I may say, good looking) graphic designer. “I’ve been stung with this magic bean charade before”.

After some bartering the young graphic designer left the old man with a small reward for his troubles and went off to find his fortune with a pocket full of magic beans.

The beans were planted and grew into an enormous cheese plant. It stood so high it poked through the clouds and a passing pub from the 1980’s popped it next to the fruit machine and the jukebox that was playing Blondie’s Greatest Hits.

In the meantime our intrepid graphic designer was making his way up the giant plant to check if there were any golden egg laying chickens hanging around.

Unfortunately there were no chickens but there was a film director sizing up the place as a potential set for a new Steven Seagal movie. The plot of the movie was questionable but it did give our adventurous graphic designer an idea.

“I know, I’ll become a graphic designer for film and TV programmes”, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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