Hey there! Want to talk about my book or maybe you need me for something?...
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Hey there! Want to talk about my book or maybe you need me for something?...
Christian Senior - Author, Illustrator
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I recognise that…

You know those times when you’re just hovering around on the internet, you’re not really sure what you want to find out but with all this information at your fingertips there must be something?

This seems to be a hobby of mine. During the day while Im knee deep in designs and websites, answering phones and generally being an all round nice guy (just in case there are any potential clients reading) I think of a million and one things I want to find out.

“When I get a minute I’m going to read up on the revival of Palladian style architecture in the early 18th Century”

But by the time the clock rolls around and my fingers hover over the keyboard waiting for instructions from my brain, which by now resembles a kind of cabbage soup, theres nothing. Not a thought. Of all the millions of films, songs and answers to lifes questions there are floating around on the internet, there is nowhere in the whole world I can think of to be at that time.

Of course as soon as I climb in bed the damn grey blob in my head switches back on and it begins again.

Well, today I was meandering, taking a virtual stroll if you will, not travelling anyway in particular. When, as I trawled my way through endless pictures of cats, amusing anecdotes of uncles and Aunties (which usually end with a line that reads something like “its not the butchers fault, the fishmonger was was wearing the wrong hat”) I chanced upon an article about WordPress sites.

As I am a WordPress developer myself I took interest in this article entitled “20 Great Examples of WordPress Sites“. I opened the article and read with interest as it did exactly as the title promised and showed some great examples of websites built using WordPress. The fantastic thing about this article is that among all these great sites by some amazing designers that I admire, featured the Obi Media website. And guess what? I designed and built that one.

So thank you Creative Bloq, you made todays virtual stroll a worthwhile and enjoyable one.

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Its a .NET magazine Makeover

There’s an old saying that comes to mind, something about being thrown in at the deep end and coming out smelling of roses? The exact phrase escapes me but when I joined Obi Media recently as Creative Director, one of my first projects was to pimp up the company website; reclaim a bit of that pizazz that had been lost to changing trends and technologies, and increase those elusive conversions. This was me ‘in at the deep end’.

The design of this site is now going to be featured in the amazing .NET magazine in their Makeover section, so we get a double page spread. Awesome!

Read about how and why this was built in .NET magazine.

Obi Media is a creative design agency based in Devon servicing small to medium businesses as well as some high profile clients, including Bil Oddie, Chris Packham, Nick Baker and Classic FM’s John Suchet.


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Black Flies – Cover Design

One of my favourite musicians at the moment is the super talented Ben Howard, a singer songwriter from Devon.

If you haven’t already discovered the wonderful music of the ‘Howard’ then I suggest you head over to his website right now and buy the album. Breathtaking.

Anywhoo, Talenthouse have been running a competition to design a cover for a charity CD featuring ‘Black Flies’ from the Ben Howard album ‘Every Kingdom’. I didnt win but I thought I would share my entry nonetheless. Enjoy!

Lonely Mas=n by Christian Senior

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I’m in .NET Magazine

For those of you who have been living under a rock, .net magazine is the biggest selling magazine of its kind in the world. So imagine my surprise to get the chance to be featured in the ‘website build off’ section in issue 223.

Website build off?

The website build off is a monthly article which gives 3 designers/developers the chance to submit their interpretation of a brief. The theme for my build off?…wedding sites. The brief didnt go into much more detail than that so I decided to create a fictitious site aimed at getting the bride and groom to the church on time, with all the details in place so they can relax and enjoy their big day.

Its a simple concept and an even simpler design but I think there is an idea there that has the potential to grow into something popular and profitable.

The website design includes all of the usual suspects such as social networking and submissions but also has a few cheeky extras thrown in. For the description and to see the other build offs (which are awesome by the way) you will have to buy the mag. Issue 223 is out now.
Website build off

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