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Christian Senior - Author, Illustrator
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About Christian

Christian is an award winning illustrator[1] and author who lives by the sea in sunny Pembrokeshire in Wales.

He has been described as ‘annoying’, ‘funny’, ‘punchable’ and ‘that guy in the pink hat[2]‘ all in the same day. He has written a number of books[3] to critical acclaim[4] and met more than four famous people in his life.

Christian is the proud husband and father of one. When he’s not doing author stuff he can be found cleaning the fridge and not rubbing his eyeballs after touching scotch bonnets.

[1] The award wasn’t for illustrating but he did win a sweetie necklace. [2] It was a salmon hat. [3] The ‘number’ is 1. [4] Not really sure what this means but I read it in a magazine once next to an article about JK Rowling and she writes kid’s books, right?

He’s a good cleaner but I have no idea about any pictures, I thought he worked at a supermarket

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