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It can be done… I hope!

I was just casually browsing the internet, as you do, when I thought I should check into the Team MIA camp. I thought I should just check in on what was happening for the other teams on the upcoming Rickshaw Run. It was here I learned a frighteneing fact.

FACT: Only 96 days til launch day

And for those of you who dont understand my meaning here, 96 days is not a very long time.

96 days is barely enough time to plan a camping weekend in Bogner and we’re talking about flying to a country we know nothing about to make our way across it on an unsuitable vehicle which, again, we know nothing about.

Just to put things in perspective here are some things that CANNOT be done in 96 days…

  1. Learn a language – Now dont misunderstand this, we never had any intention of learning Punjabi in order to conversate our way across the Rajhastan desert. However, I think a little knowledge about the culture wouldnt go amiss.
  2. Organise a wedding – Woah there sonny Jim! You know those quirky weddings people have where they tie the knot whilst falling 12000 feet or swimming with dolphins? Well this aint one of them. In fact this isnt a wedding at all, and the main points that seperate this trip from a wedding is that there are no girls and weddings are supposed to be the ‘happiest day of your life’. I think I’ll be satisfied if we manage to break a smile.
  3. Get through customs – In 1988 Mehran Karimi Nasseri landed in Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. He was on his way to England but with no papers or passport he ended up stuck in the airport for 17 years. Read more about him here. If we intend to get into India in time for the start of the Rickshaw Run we should have set off about 16 years ago.

Not to be negative all the time, here are some things that CAN be done in 96 days…

  1. Start a war – OK remember when you were you back in school drawing crude man parts on text books? Well you may have noticed that person at the front of the class talking louder than everyone else. The really clever ones among you may remember the mention of some student assassinating some Austrian guy for doing some stuff he didnt like. A month later World War II broke out and the rest, as they say, is history.
  2. Fly to the moon – For those of you who may not this, the moon is a very very very long way away. I dont think you could walk it and I certainly dont think you are going to get there in your dads Renault Clio. Dont be fooled by the distance just cos it only took 3 days to get there. And likewise dont be fooled by the distance across India just because we are attempting it to get across it in 10 days, on a lawnmower.
  3. Organise a trip to India – So we need to get visas, passports, insurance, local knowledge, flights and a map. It cant take more than an hour to do each of these things so that means the whole thing can be done in 6 hours. Thats not even a day. maybe we should wait until around the 30 day mark before we take up the task. Should be a doodle.