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on location : the video shoot begins

Remember when you were a child and you came up with crazy ideas? Ideas that you never told anyone about just in case they laughed in your face? Ideas that you never followed through because they weren’t realistic or the ‘norm’? Well, at some point in my life, and Im not exactly sure when but at some point I started sharing my crazy and laughable ideas. I started to tell people what I wanted to create and how I thought I could do it. And guess what? ¬†People laughed. But as Ive never been the brightest button in the box I just carried on having weird and wonderful ideas and i carried on sharing. ¬†Eventually someone listened. This is how I got into film making.

In two weeks time I start to film my first music video for a single being released in September 2012. The artist will be revealed all in good time but what I can say is he is set to be a house-hold name for his brand of melodic, acoustic sing-songery. The song has been produced by local musician and producer, Lorenzo De Feo. I am co-directing with artist, Patrick Hurst, we have done a couple of little film projects before and since we’re both dreamers we seem to work well together.

Today we made a start on story boarding the whole concept and we visited one of the 2 locations to take a few test shots. The whole process got pretty intense before the camera had even made an appearance so Im expecting one of us to actually have a trouser accident on the day.

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