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Hey there! Want to talk about my book or maybe you need me for something?...
Christian Senior - Author, Illustrator
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The Ethan Ash Video is Out

Well its been a while since we made the video for  it now but the eagerly awaited EP, ‘Playing by Numbers’ by Ethan Ash is set to be released on the 1st of October. Its also been produced by a friend of mine, the very talented Lorenzo De Feo who you may have seen standing beside Matt Cardle with a guitar shaped piece of wood in his hand.

If you’re not familiar with Ethan Ash you should check him out. He is an acoustic songwriter from the Cambridgeshire area and has already had some success from touring with the likes of Ed Sheeran and showing his mush on the same billing as Newton Faulkner. I dont think this little chappy is going to be a stranger to your car radio as you drive home from work so get used to him.

Anywhoo, I digress…

So whats my part in all this? Well, I co-directed and co-edited the music video for ‘Make You Smile’ with my good friend and film making partner, Patrick Hurst. Patrick is also an artist and sculptor so while youre browsing the net why not pop over to PatrickVille and cop a load of his work.

‘Make You Smile’ is just one of the tracks from the forthcoming Ethan Ash EP so if this one takes your fancy then put your hand in your pocket and purchase the lot.

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on location : the video shoot begins

Remember when you were a child and you came up with crazy ideas? Ideas that you never told anyone about just in case they laughed in your face? Ideas that you never followed through because they weren’t realistic or the ‘norm’? Well, at some point in my life, and Im not exactly sure when but at some point I started sharing my crazy and laughable ideas. I started to tell people what I wanted to create and how I thought I could do it. And guess what?  People laughed. But as Ive never been the brightest button in the box I just carried on having weird and wonderful ideas and i carried on sharing.  Eventually someone listened. This is how I got into film making.

In two weeks time I start to film my first music video for a single being released in September 2012. The artist will be revealed all in good time but what I can say is he is set to be a house-hold name for his brand of melodic, acoustic sing-songery. The song has been produced by local musician and producer, Lorenzo De Feo. I am co-directing with artist, Patrick Hurst, we have done a couple of little film projects before and since we’re both dreamers we seem to work well together.

Today we made a start on story boarding the whole concept and we visited one of the 2 locations to take a few test shots. The whole process got pretty intense before the camera had even made an appearance so Im expecting one of us to actually have a trouser accident on the day.

Keep up to date with this project and others by filling your timeline with my jibber jabber on Twitter @senoir

The Scribble Games

I was recently lucky enough to be asked to direct a short film to promote an upcoming event for Changing Spaces in Cambridge. Of course i didnt say no.

Changing Spaces is a pioneering initiative developed by Cambridge City Council in partnership with Love Cambridge. The project started in June 2009 and has exhibited over 80 local artists and charity groups in more than 24 different locations since then. Changing Spaces is delivered by professional artists on a voluntary basis.

If you are a Cambridge artist and want to exhibit your work head over to the Changing Spaces website for more details.

This film was made in an afternoon by myself and Patrick Hurst (that’s the back of his head you can see in the film), an artist and film maker from the Cambridge area. You should have a look at his work on his website www.patrickhurst.co.uk.

And hey, what the hell, if you have some spare ‘investment’ cash lying around why not splash on some of his work. It might look good in the hallway.


Tukkin’ fame at last

Rickshaw run

It seems our heroic deeds are finally getting noticed by those that matter. After much Facebooking, tweeting and telling loud stories in the Post office queue, we got the call.

The call came in the form of a friendly voice who introduced himself as David. David is a journalist for The Press newspaper which is one of the more popular local rags and he wanted to do a feature on us, little old us.

So if you want to know more about why we are doing this trip across India, who we are supporting and what the heck is this ‘Big Night Out’ thing all about, then get The Press Newspaper on Friday 19th January or check it out on their website – Three men on a rickshaw

You never know you might be treated to a little picture of our handsome selves…

Keep on tukkin’

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The Rickshaw Run

Rickshaw Run

Imagine the quietest, fastest, safest all-terrain vehicle in the world…Now imagine the opposite. Three wheels, half a horse power and more dangerous than any other vehicle on planet earth, the humble Rickshaw is undoubtedly the ultimate long distance, off-road machine. Despite being designed for short distances on road.

The Journey

Now imagine the bliss of trying to get this untrusty steed over the Himalayas or across the Rajasthan desert. An unsupported maniac of an adventure which wobbles over thousands of miles of ridiculous terrain. Probably the stupidest and the best thing we will ever do.

Our adventure will see us, 3 grown men (and I use the term ‘men’ quite loosely) making our way across India on a Rickshaw, a 50cc motorbike with 3 wheels that can barely move under its own weight.

A journey across parts of India that you don’t see from the window of the coach trip.

What’s it in aid of?

We are raising funds for 2 great charities, Cancer Research and Frank Water so your doing your bit by donating, showing up at our organised events and supporting us.

The journey is begins in September so follow our preparations at www.teammia.co.uk or Follow us on Twitter (@senoir). And oh yea..be sure to tell your friends.

The best bit

As we are men of honour and adventure we would hate you to miss out on all the fun so we plan to film the whole thing so you get to watch th mayhem from the comfort of your own home. What nice people we are.

Don’t forget the popcorn!

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